• Archbishop Ludwig and the Lesser Town legend

    The history of the hotel dates back to the 14th century, when it was associated with the name of Archbishop Ludwig, who lived here. Ludwig is also associated with one of Lesser Town’s legends, which says that when archbishop returned from travels with his company, he helped to free a stuck eagle. The eagle then repaid Ludwig by accompanying him for the rest of his journey and guarding the entire party from various dangers.

  • Eagle as a sign of well-being and good fortune

    Of course, Ludwig also wanted to repay the eagle and, as a token of gratitude, he had the black eagle immortalized in the symbol of the building. The black eagle with its majestically spread wings has thus become a symbol that guards the well-being and good fortune of all its inhabitants.

  • Fire in 1503

    The prosperity of the house grew until 1503. In that year, however, the house was hit by a strong fire and burned to the ground. It didn’t take long and construction began again, this time as a two-story house with a gable.

  • How the house flourished

    Over the next years, the house served esteemed nobles. Moreover, after the great fire, nothing prevented further reconstructions and, ultimately, a construction of new majestic house. In 1723, it was increased by one floor, and thus became very similar to the present buildings. It had not only spacious rooms, but also a courtyard, a woodshed and a cellar with vaulted ceilings.